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Der Mehrkanalzähler misst die Leitungsspannung einer 1-Phasen-Elektroanlage und maximal 6 Stromkreisen, von denen angenommen wird, dass sie von der erfassten Spannung selbst eingespeist werden. Die Ströme werden von externen dedizierten Stromwandlern, mit einem maximal anwendbaren Primärstrom von 40 A oder 80A, gemessen.

  • One Meter, one Voltage, six Currents.
  • The Multichannel Meter measures the Line Voltage of a single phase electrical installation and a maximum of 6 currents, which are assumed to be powered by the measured voltage itself. The currents are measured by the dedicated external CT’s with a primary maximum applicable current of 80 A.
  • Every second, for each of the 6 channels and their sum (L1 … L6 and total SL), the Multichannel Meter calculates and shows on the display the following values:
  • Active Energy and Reactive Energy
  • Active Power and Reactive Power
  • The Powers and consequently the Energies, are sign­less (the device measures their absolute value) meaning that whichever the wiring connection will be, the power flow is assumed to go from the net to the load(s). In this way,
    the installer is not required to take care about the direction of the currents and voltage.
  • Storage Temperature Range: -25 to 70 °C
  • Housing DIN 43880: 2 Module (36 mm)