Our roots lie in thirty years of experience in the field of modular DIN products, which today are at the heart of Herholdt Controls business. This wealth of tradition reflects in a business model where constant qualification and continuous investments in R&D are fundamental directions of development.


Our staff are skilled hardware, software and firmware engineers and designers. An efficient multi-disciplined team that brings a wide array of talent to develop unique customer-oriented solutions

Leader in the industry

Herholdt Controls portfolio of products and services is constantly improved with a close watch on quality, performance, international standard and customer satisfaction. Our products for measurement and control leverage a concept of scalability that always provides the best solution for each need. Through the wide range of communication options, Herholdt Controls Analyzers and Meters can exchange data easily and effectively with any remote energy management system (EnMS), paving the way to a new range of opportunities and applications.

This new range of products in the field of Energy Management Control, is developed and enhanced with a particular focus on quality and service, starting from project up to after sales.

The ECS trademark

ECS is certified to Directive 2014/32/EU on Measuring Instruments (MID). This Directive covers ten categories of measuring instruments and is designed to harmonise the requirements for new measuring instruments placed on the market or put into use in Europe by eliminating the regulatory differences at national level which currently hinder trade. All ECS Energy Meters are available either in non-MID or in MID versions.


Production and test equipment of Herholdt Controls have no equal on the market. Each unit is submitted to the most severe tests. Cutting-edge climatic chambers and ultra-high precision tools for counters parameterization allow Herholdt Controls to offer certified products compliant to several regulations and standards.

Our Certifications

MID Certification

Allows us to guarantee the unconditional quality of our products well beyond 10 years.

SMT Certified Lab

Herholdt Controls is proudly recognised as one of the best SMT center in the market.

ISO 9001

Herholdt Controls quality management systems are certified by Quality System ISO 9001:2015.

EN ISO 50001

Our products follow EN ISO 50001 standards to helps organisations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently.

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